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So, you want a dog as a family companion pet and you also want to be able to rely on him to protect your family and home?

Ok, now of course the dog must be prepared to have to bite to be able to protect his home and family. Have you trained a dog for protection before? No? Is someone selling you a dog telling you he is a protection breed, and he will protect you when he/she gets older? You’re being misled and you should get this in writing as you will be able to take them to court, unless you are being sold highly offensive dogs (dangerous) in which case the dog will protect you from everything that walks too close including the local councilman knocking on your door for your vote!! The World today is supposed to be civilized, gone are the days where your dog can bite anyone or anything it pleases, an offensive dog is indeed a cheaper alternative to a trained dog, but it is also a dog which could end up hurting an innocent person or animal, possibility even kill, such a dog is NOT a protection dog, never confuse the terminology! A non-offensive barking/growling dog is merely a watchdog, in most cases his presence alone is enough to put the average criminal off what he was planning to do, but today’s youth are now becoming alarmingly aware of discerning between non-offensive watchdogs, offensive dogs and Personal Protection Dogs.

A REAL Protection dog is TRAINED dog with a specific set of instincts, solid nerves meaning no show of fear, though indeed many dogs do show a little bit of nerve when they first start training, but that introductory nervousness dissipates as soon as the dog knows he’s allowed to bite. The dog needs to be trained, we’re talking a lot of training not just a few days here and there. We’re talking nearly a year to upwards of three years’ worth of training dependent on intended level to be able to reach the level of a certified personal protection dog. The training encompasses obedience, socialization, bite work training, civil training, scenario training. There is a great deal of effort and time which goes into the production of a fully trained PP dog. A dog which simply bites on threat is merely a protection dog, but a dog which holds-back in defense and deals with all manner of threats in a civilized and methodical format in respect to his training is a personal protection dog, and a very special dog.

Do you still think you can do it without any prior experience or training? Without even knowing if the puppy you brought can even handle the stress of the training? In fact, here is, the majority of breeders and dog owners for some unknown reasons believe that their dogs will stand between them and the threat and actually defend, well has anyone ever gone at them with their fists? Or stolen their belongings while their dog is at their side? Probably not, so they have not tested the dog in a controlled manner to ascertain if the mythological security dog at their side is truly a protector or not. Yet they have faith in the dog simply because he acts tough, growls or barks? There is no room for faith when it comes to your security, a criminal can hurt you even if you were a priest, there is no invisible cloak protecting you. If you want a dog for protection, then that dog can only provide you with protection if he has been correctly trained, and even then, only if he can soak up the training. Out of every litter, only a few will make the grade, only a few will become the elite PP dogs they were born to be after training. Sure, the others could still be trained, but they will never perform at the same level of the few who make the cut.

Reputable PP Trainers will not supply you a lemon, our reputation demands that we deliver a real protection dog. Reputable working dog breeders will not supply trainers with lemons, our reputation demands that we deliver the dogs with the right design for the job. Generic pet breeders do not even come close to the level of working dog breeders are breeding just that, “Pet”. A Pet with a strong bark is NOT a Protection dog or even a Guard dog. Some dogs from some breeds with certain traits can mimic the guardian role, but they cannot execute the protection role, with the right training they could potentially service a protection role, but how well? That is the dilemma.

Sensible educated working dog breeders are the safest bet, but they will rarely supply dogs to random Joes… But Backyard Breeders, show dog breeders, Puppy-mills will usually sell everyone with myths and pedigree “Follow the Red” charts, but with no guarantee whatsoever regarding the workability of the dogs, but they have no reputation to lose because they have no working dog breeding reputation, so it is a non-issue. We are not attempting to be disrespectful, but many people are duped into buying a puppy believing they are going to be proud owners of an amazing protector when in actual fact they are simply paying for a pet. Remember, not all dogs have it in them to become personal protection dogs, it has nothing to do with breeds. It’s down to the individual dog, and you simply do not take a gamble when it comes to sourcing a dog, because if the dog does not have what it takes then where does that leave you?

If you want a personal protection dog, you either source a trained one, or you start learning how to train and source the right puppy, but truth be told, not many can train dogs for PP correctly. A personal protection dog is not simply a biting dog, he’s more a calculated sophisticated bodyguard, and to get a dog t that level is not something just anyone can achieve. It requires one to know the bloodline well, and genetics to understand the conditioning techniques required and a proven schedule for the dog based on his bloodline to flow in the stages of his training correctly.

If you want a Ferrari, you don’t build it yourself, you go and BUY a Ferrari. If you want a Personal Protection dog, most would be well advised to apply the same principles, source a reputable working breeder, and trainer.

Please feel free to call us for more information regarding the above and your particular needs.