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    Hierarchy Farm LLC “Cane Corso”
    Dionne Johnson

    This Sales Contract is made for puppy Hierarchy ,between Dionne Johnson (Breeder) and Puppy buyer. The BREEDER AGREES to sell pup identified in contract for the purchase price of $ _2,800_ USD, (Transportation) $ USD for shipping and crate. Puppy Training Basic Obedience 101/Boarding $ USD. Breeder certifies that said puppy is sound body and good health, free from the balance of $ must be paid in FULL by 7 weeks of age (Unpaid Puppy Balance Buyer forfeits puppy and any future puppy.)
    All Processing fees are Buyers responsibility and will be added to purchase price of the puppy.

    Breed: Cane Corso
    Breeder: Dionne Johnson
    Address: Winston, GA. 30187
    Phone: 404-216-5777


    Guardian Addendum Initial
    Breeder Addendum: If Breeder finds “Dog” worthy to become a breeding/show prospect as the pup matures; Breeder has the right to reverse alteration contract to Show/Breeding Rights Solely to the Breeder. Breeder would have a right to collect Dog, Owner would allow Breeder to perform health testing, and place at minimum a AKC Championship title. At age 4 Dog would then be Altered and Limited registration contract will then take in affect.

    X Family Companion / Limited
    Registration (Sold W/O Breeding Rights) “Family Companion are not sold under First or Second Pick”. Family Companion Have to be Spayed or Neutered between “18-24 months” of age, proof of alteration must be sent to Breeder. Puppy altered any younger than the Breeders Recommendation Health guarantee is VOID.


    • Refer back to Hierarchy Deposit Contract

    • All Deposit are non-refundable… Reservation should be taken seriously Puppy will be placed on hold and will not be available to any other Reservation. (Deposit are Non-Refundable/Only Transferrable)

    • We Do Not Reserve on Color, Color does not make your puppy temperament and behavior suit your needs and family


    • BREEDER will have puppy Vet checked to ensure the puppy is sound without illness.

    • The breeder will register puppy under the American Kennel Club

    • BREEDER agrees to provide advice and information on raising the puppy/dog, and his/her showing and grooming to the best of their ability, to help the BUYER of a potential puppy/dog to present the puppy/dog to its best potential.

    • It is the BREEDER’s responsibility to mentor the BUYER. The BREEDER discusses and consults when possible and compares health issues with other breeders and bloodlines, studies pedigrees and bloodlines extensively and tries to learn from any known health issues that occur.

    • The kennel prefix Hierarchy must be used as the first word of the registered name. BREEDER must approve all registered names. Registered name must follow the litter.

    • BREEDER has raised this puppy/dog on a species appropriate diet and highly recommends the BUYER continue feeding a LARGE BREED Grain appropriate diet. BUYER FEEDS A NONBALANCE RAW DIET HEALTH GUARNTEE IS VOIDED “If Buyer feeds Raw BARF DIET IS RECOMMENDED” …

    • Breeder Has the Right to Switch Breeding Pair at any time due to the following: health, availability, suitability, if the breeding pair has been changed Breeder will perform breeding to comparable pairing.


    • The BUYER must agree to perform health testing as noted in HEALTH section to qualify for this guarantee.

    • Breeder Guarantees Puppy Against Idiopathic epilepsy (IE), (Buyers Must run proper testing to diagnosis/Neurological Specialist, all medical reports, testing, treatment must be given to Breeder.) If Proper testing has not been performed Guarantee is Void (Testing/Requirements; Compatible age, normal physical examination, normal neurologic examination, and normal bloodwork are the minimum requirements for a presumptive diagnosis of IE. Ideally, a complete blood count (CBC), full chemistry panel with electrolytes, bile acid profile, and a urine test (urinalysis), MRI of the brain, EEG, collection of spinal cord fluid).

    • Puppy is guaranteed to be free of any communicable disease at the time of sale. Buyer must have the puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours from the date of delivery/pick up. Failure of Buyer to vet check puppy within the 72 hours’ time period health guarantee is null/ void. Failure of Buyer to notify Breeder all health concerns within two business days of receiving the Veterinarian’s certification of illness will result in forfeiture of rights. Breeder accepts no responsibility for any communicable diseases after leaving kennel.

    • Buyer agrees all vaccines are to be given by a Vet only, if vaccines are given by a non-vet health guarantee is voided

    • If a serious health problem is noted during the above examination the puppy is to be returned to Breeder Seller at the Buyer’s expense within 14 days from the time when proof is received by the Breeder, all registration paperwork, vet records will be returned with the puppy. When available the Breeder will provide the Buyer with another puppy of the same sex and quality/value. BUYER may keep the original puppy if they choose so under stipulation spayed/neutered is done prior to new puppy.

    • The guarantees are null and void if the puppy/dog has been given calcium or other vitamin supplements (excluding Ester-C) without first being agreed upon in writing and signed by both parties, even if recommended by a veterinarian.

    • Buyer agrees Not to give multiple vaccinations within 72-hour period/nor flea/tick/heartworm medication within 48-hours from vaccines. Rabies vaccine should not be given prior to five months of age, unless State law is mandated before 5-month birthdate.

    • Buyer agrees to send Breeder verification of vaccination/deworming/heartworm medication throughout the first 28 weeks of age, proper vaccination, heart/flea & tick prevention for life of said dog

    • All our pups are guaranteed against CRIPPLING genetic diseases detected prior to Twenty-four Months. The BREEDER must be notified immediately and provided with a licensed veterinarian’s report, copies of x-rays. Any claims must be made within this time period.

    • Upon knowledge of such a birth defect, genetic defect or crippling hip dysplasia, the buyer agrees to have his/her veterinarian provide proof to the BREEDER.

    a) Heritable Defects are stated as “Whole” Hip Dysplasia (OFA rating with severe DJD, OFA rating below Fair). Not valid unless the above-described dog is OFA/PennHip rated at 26 (twenty-six) months of age (X-ray need to have Dog name, date, microchip number listed on film). These guarantees not applicable if problems occur(end) from the below conditions: Altering pup under 20 months of age, Agility/Jumping before 18 months of age, Diet, Hormonal additives, Drug treatments, Environment, over exercise, overweight, jumping in and out of vehicles, excessive stairs climbing, pushing off on gravel, working pup at young age, Accident, or BUYER(s) inexperience or mistreatment, large amounts of time in crates, protein, calcium supplements, Breeding of Pet will cancel health guarantee. “Buyer declines to perform health testing from OFA, PennHip (Hip, Elbow, Patella by 25 months Health guarantee is void.”
    b) Buyer Agrees Puppy to Stay on Prevention Plus Hip/Joint Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplement, Fish Oil for Life of Puppy or Health Guarantee for Hip and Joint will be null and void. (Prevention Plus P.O. Box 427 Wildwood, FL. 34785)
    c) Buyer Agrees Puppy to Stay on Vitamins Nu-Vet and ordered through Nu-Vet website using code 72091(

    b) Buyer Agrees if Puppy is bred Health Guarantee is null/ void.
    • The BREEDER reserves the right to a second veterinarian’s opinion. All relevant veterinary records must be supplied to the BREEDER upon request. THE BUYER MUST REQUEST THE XRAYS BACK FROM OFA, or his/her veterinarian - the BREEDER may require a copy of the x-rays. If the puppy’s OFA report comes back with the result of subluxation, the BUYER must repeat the x-rays later at his/her own expense (at least 6 months after the date of original x-ray) before determining that the puppy will not pass OFA. No refunds will be given for a report of Panosteitis (growing pains), as proper feeding/exercise can control this, and the puppy should outgrow it.
    Down Pasture, flatten feet are not covered under Health contract due to proper nutrition/exercise/limited crate time can control or prevent issues from happening.
    • If the puppy dies and a cause of death is unknown, a necropsy is required to be performed. The BUYER assumes responsibility for all costs, but the BREEDER will offer assistance and help. If a necropsy result reveals that the pup died from any genetic health condition, the BREEDER will provide a replacement puppy free of charge when one becomes available.
    Per OFA Breed Specific for Cane Corso (Abnormal Rating Covered by Health Guarantee) Elbows 17.8%, Hips 38.4%, Degenerative Myelopathy 20%, Patella 1%, Shoulder 3.3%, Thyroid 7.3%
    • “Cherry Eye”, Ectropion and Entropion are considered cosmetic problems, Bloat is not covered by the health guarantee.


    • Buyer agrees to comply with all local ordinances regarding the keeping of dogs, in addition to providing adequate food, water, housing, flea/tick medication, vaccination, heartworm preventive, healthcare and humane treatment for the puppy. The puppy/dog is sold with the understanding that he/she will become a member of the family.
    • Buyer agree to set up an Instagram page for the puppy listing as (Hierarchy Puppies name_) so Breeder can keep up with pup’s growth and progress and provide Breeder with Instagram information. (Important for Breeder to follow how Litter progress to determine how Bloodlines are paired in Future). All photos and videos of the pup can be used by Breeder.
    • Buyer understands any issues, training, nutrition, health, etc. assistance/help is addressed to the breeder, not Google, or a Nonqualified Facebook training/breeder/or owner. If Buyer goes against Breeders Recommendation Temperament, and Health guarantee is null and void.
    Buyer agrees not to register Puppy under any other registration agency (ex. ICCF, UKC, CKC), nor change limited breeding rights to full rights with another registry. If Buyers does so Breeders has full legal right to seize dog/bitch with no refunds, with a Compensatory damage in the amount of $2500.
    • Buyer is responsible abiding by Apartment, condo, or homeowner association by-laws and to send all by-laws to provide Breeder with the breed, and weight restriction, if Buyer Is leasing residents Buyer is responsible to provide Breeder with written or typed letter of acceptance of puppy with breed name on said paper.
    • The BUYER agrees to inform BREEDER, within 60 days of moving/change, any time they move or change phone numbers during the ownership of the dog.
    • Buyer agrees to not take Kennel Name or Breeders name off Puppy registration as co-owner, or microchip company.
    • Buyer understands that extensive exercise before the dog is 18 months and mature is strictly prohibited. This includes but not limited to: competition jumps; jumping in and out of vehicles; prolonged jogging and any other activities that may cause undue stress to undeveloped joints.
    • BUYER agrees all Ear cropping expense are the Buyers, Buyer agrees to properly care for and tape puppy/dog’s ears until they are standing if cropped. If ears are not standing one-month post-surgery, contact the Breeder for suggestions. In the event
    • If the Buyer should decide at any time during the life of the puppy, that they no longer want nor care for the said Dog/Bitch for whatever reason, it shall be transferred to the BREEDER without compensation at the Buyers expense. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL THIS DOG/BITCH BE PLACED IN AN ANY HOME OUTSIDE FO THE BUYER RESIDENCE, DOG SHELTER, HUMANE SOCIETY, OR OTHER SUCH FACILITY OR ORGANIZATION. THE BREEDERSELLER RETAINS THE FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL!
    • The Dog/Bitch cannot be resold or placed without the expressed written consent and approval of the BREEDER.
    • Buyer agrees that if said Dog/Bitch is “Not” properly cared for, the Breeder has the right to demand that said Dog/Bitch be returned, along with all paperwork, immediately and without compensation to the Buyer. Any resulting medical care and/or behavior correction training will be at the expense of the Buyer.

    • It is agreed upon the death of the said Dog/Bitch, at any age, that prompt notification will be given to the Breeder to that effect. If said dog is euthanized while in the Buyer’s care, the Buyer agrees to have a necropsy performed, at the Buyer’s expense to determine cause of injury, disease etc. leading to death. If it is determined that neglect or ill care by/from the Buyer is the cause of death than no replacement of the said Dog/Bitch will be made.
    • The Buyers agree to have the said puppy implanted with a microchip within 7 days of ownership and registered in the name of the BUYER and the BREEDER. This is for your Dog/Bitches safety and the Buyer agrees not to remove or attempt to have said microchip removed by any person, professional or agency.
    • It is stipulated by and between the undersigned that failure of the Buyer to comply with the conditions and responsibilities as set forth in this contract and that Cane Corso “Hierarchy” Sales policies, may subject the Buyer to forfeit the Dog/Bitch to the Breeder without compensation and shall sign over all registry and medical paperwork pertaining to the said Dog/Bitch to the Breeder immediately (48 hours).
    • The BREEDER retains the right to seize above-described dog at any time in dog's life if BUYER is found to be intentionally or unintentionally mistreating, neglecting or abusing either physically, emotionally, medically or nutritionally said dog in any way, shape or form. BREEDER shall not compensate BUYER in any way shape or form. In all seizure situations BUYER, shall sign said dog over to BREEDER in all registries dog is eligible for. BUYER will pay ALL shipping, transportation, legal and veterinary costs incurred from investigating and seizing said dog if BUYER is found negligent in BREEDER’S opinion. Any resulting medical care and/or behavior correction training will be at the expense of the Buyer.
    • It is understood that the dog will not be allowed to roam free; and will either be confined to its fenced yard, be on a leash or under total voice control and direct supervision of the owner always. Underground fencing is not considered a reliable means of confinement and therefore not considered a fenced yard.
    Buyer agrees any Puppy sold on Limited “Family Companion” contract MUST be altered not before Breeder approval, and over 18 months of age, and not after 28 months of age.
    Buyer agrees there is no invasive procedure/or/cosmetic unless approved by Breeder. (Cosmetic procedures that are approved is Ear cropping, tail docking, and dew claw removal).
    • The BUYER agrees to continue with nail trimming every two-three weeks, if necessary. It is important to keep the puppy/dog’s nails at the correct length to prevent pain and pressure. The correct length is when the claws do not protrude over the pad and should not touch the ground when standing. (You do not want to hear them “clack” when walking on hard surfaces).
    • Buyer Agrees and understands ALL puppy vaccine records (8 weeks to 7 months), as well first vet visit has not been disclosed to Breeder Health guarantee is Void.
    • Buyer agrees if Puppy is not kept on Monthly Flea and tick prevention, Heartworm prevention Health Guarantee is Void.


    1. The BUYER understands and agrees that the Cane Corso is a dominant, guardian breed and that it must be extensively socialized with other people, animals and different situations to be a trustworthy member of their families and community. It is the Buyers responsibility to properly socialize and train this dog.
    2. BUYER is responsible to continue socializing and training the puppy/dog. It is required that this includes training or obedience classes and that the training methods be modeled after the “AKC Good Citizen” standards. Basic Obedience classes must be from accredited training facilities/trainers, breed clubs unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
    3. BUYER agrees to enroll the puppy in a puppy kindergarten class by the age of 3-4 months in a class setting. BUYER also agrees to supply proof of completion, a letter from the trainer or copy of the certificate, to the BREEDER.
    4. BUYER agrees to enroll the puppy in a basic obedience class by the age of 5 months, intermediate class to be entered by 10 months of age, advanced obedience class must be entered and completed by 14 months of age.
    5. In the event the puppy/dog requires rehabilitation or training due to neglect by the BUYER, BUYER agrees to reimburse the BREEDER for all related rehabilitation/training expenses necessary for the puppy/dog to be rehomed.
    6. The BUYER agrees puppy will receive no forced exercise; no pushing off gravel, no jumping in and out of vehicles, excessive stair use, no jumping over or onto anything taller than the elbow, no excessive running or extended walks until the puppy is at least 15 months old.
    7. The BUYER agrees to obtain Canine Good Citizenship Advanced certificate or similar title (approved by the breeder in writing) on the puppy/dog at the BUYER’s expense no sooner than 8 months of age and no later than 2 years.
    8. Buyer agrees if Puppy is not entered into an All-Breed AKC conformation class by 12 months, the puppy is to be return to the breeder for training or to a professional handler at the Owners expense (Boarding, Food, Training, Class fees).
    9. Working prospects are to start imprint training within one week of rehoming, Buyer understands they must join Working club (PSA, IPO) by puppies 6-month birthdate.
    10. Buyer agrees not to Take Training advice from Google, nor Facebook nonqualified people… Training recommendation is only to be given by Breeder and/or qualified working trainers or individuals that have worked with guardian breeds.
    11. Buyer agrees to send video and photos of training session once a month…


    • Buyer agrees to make arrangement for delivery of puppy by 6 weeks of age, Puppy will not leave until 8 weeks… if possession of puppy has not taken place by 9 weeks of age boarding fees will apply at a rate of $20.00 a day.
    • Buyer agrees if puppy is being transported out of the stat/country and needs to be boarded for a long period of time Buyer will pay for all vet bills, food, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, and boarding.
    • Boarding room is limited, there is no guarantee on availability, boarding must be agreed upon by both Seller and Owner. All fees must be paid before delivery or ownership of said puppy.
    • Any puppies that are left past the boarding time frame of (11 weeks) unless extended by Seller will be considered abandoned and contract will be voided, puppy will be resold with no compensation to Buyer. All medical, vaccines, monthly heartworm, flea & Tick meds are at the owner expense.
    • All shipping fees are responsibility of Buyer (including but not limited to crate, broker, additional vet visits, Health certificate, titers, or vaccination past second round, etc.) The breeder will transport puppy within a 30-mile radius from Hierarchy Farm, any additional transportation a mileage fee of $.29 per mile. All transportation will be between the hours of 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Breeder day off of work only, please check with Breeder before setting up transportation dates.


    Recommended Ear Cropping vets are listed on, State of GA. Recommendation Dr. A. Rutter Lake Harbin AH 770-961-5036 (Price for Ear Cropping are made by Veterinarian not by Hierarchy Kennel)
    • Buyer understands any surgery is not without Risk, Hierarchy is not responsible for Veterinarian outcomes (Improper cut/Infection/Death)


    1. The BUYER will notify the BREEDER immediately if BUYER cannot keep the above-described dog with them for any reason. The BREEDER will have right of first refusal before the dog is to be sold or given away (including to family and friends). The BREEDER will have right of immediate repossession and full legal ownership reverts to the BREEDER of the said dog if BUYER attempts (intentionally or unintentionally) to sell or give away said dog without the BREEDER’s written consent. The BREEDER shall not compensate BUYER in any monetary way. If the dog is sold, BREEDER will retain co-ownership unless prior agreements are made in writing. The BREEDER shall approve all potential homes and sale agreements. In all situations where the dog is returned to BREEDER, BUYER shall sign said dog over to BREEDER in all registries dog is eligible for. If there should be a tragedy of the BUYER such as death or physical inability to care for this puppy/dog, then this puppy/dog is to be immediately surrendered to the BREEDER (unless other suitable arrangements are made in writing with the Breeder). Under no circumstances may this dog be disposed of or surrendered to a Dog Pound, Humane Society, Animal Shelter, and Rescue Organizations, Pet Store, other BREEDER's, or to individuals associated with a suspected or proven puppy mill. The BUYER agrees to pay $2,500 penalty for abandoning the puppy, surrendering it to the Humane Society, Animal Shelter, and Rescue Organizations, or Pet Stores. Buyer agrees if the dog is repossessed by Breeder all Paperwork (Registration, Vet records, Microchip), and the dog will be surrender within 7 days if Buyer does not comply within the seven-day period a $500.00 a day penalty will occur until possession has been met.
    2. BUYER agrees that should the BUYER(s) of this dog separate or divorce and an amicable solution for the dog cannot be reached and agreed to by both parties, ownership of the dog will revert to the BREEDER and the dog and registration papers shall be returned to the BREEDER within 7 days of the BREEDER’s request for the dog to be returned.
    3. BUYER agrees that should the BUYER become incarcerated, non-ambulatory for an extended period or die, ownership of the dog will revert to the BREEDER and the dog and registration papers shall be returned to the BREEDER within 7 days of the BREEDER’s request for the dog to be returned.
    4. BUYER agrees that in areas where Breed Specific Legislation is effective or becomes effective where the dog resides, the breeder has the right of immediate repossession at the owner’s expense if the legislation would endanger the life of the dog or diminish the dog’s quality of life.
    5. The Buyer agrees Dog will reside with Buyer unless training, handler, or in a short-term boarding facility.


    BUYER agrees to release and hold harmless BREEDER for all liability, damages, or injuries caused either directly or indirectly by the dog to any person, whether actual or legal or to any property, whether real or personal. Furthermore, BUYER assumes full liability for any damages or injuries, whether physical, mental, emotional or economic, caused by the dog, to any person, whether actual or legal or to any property, whether real or personal, after receiving and acknowledging delivery and repossession of the dog. Buyer(s) further agrees to indemnify or reimburse BREEDER because of any costs or expenses incurred by BREEDER because of any act of BUYER causing liability, damages, or injuries as set forth herein No other claims other than the provisions mentioned above shall be made.

    All claims and disputes arising under or relating to this Agreement are to be settled by binding arbitration in the Magistrate Court located in Fulton County, Georgia. If Breeder is forced to travel to another county, or state court Buyer agrees to pay all expense for travel, hotel accommodation, car rental, court fees, time off work/farm $30.00 an hour. The arbitration shall be conducted on a confidential basis pursuant to the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association. Any decision or award because of any such arbitration proceeding shall be in writing and shall provide an explanation for all conclusions of law and fact and shall include the assessment of costs, expenses, and reasonable attorneys' fees. Any such arbitration shall be conducted by an arbitrator experienced in the animal breeding/conformation industry or legal experience required for arbitrator and shall include a written record of the arbitration
    hearing. The parties reserve the right to object to any individual who shall be employed by or affiliated with a competing organization or entity. An award of arbitration may be confirmed in a court of competent jurisdiction.

    Defamation Clause
    Buyer(s) agrees not to attack/criticize/make negative comments regarding Hierarchy Kennel and or its dogs, offspring, pedigree, owners, associate or partner publicly (on public forums, blogs, social networks etc.), as well orally or in writing at any time or any reason after this contract is dated and initial/signed. Similarly, buyer agrees not to seek any outside advice from any individual person, forums, blogs, community groups or any social media in a way which brings bad name to Hierarchy Kennel, dogs, offspring, pedigrees, owners or any of its associate or partner. In case of breach of this clause, buyer agrees to pay US $5000.00 to Hierarchy Kennel as damages.

    The existence, nature, terms and conditions of this Agreement are strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed by Buyer in any manner or form, directly or indirectly, to any person or entity under any circumstances.
    Further, Buyer shall not discuss, comment upon, disparage, or disclose any information, in any manner or form, directly or indirectly, to any person or entity, about:
    (1) The Breeder.
    (2) Hierarchy Kennel, Bloodlines, Dog's, Offspring, Affiliate, Puppy Buyers
    (3) Any aspect of Breeder business or operations; and
    (4) any aspect of transaction, show/working prospect purchase with Breeder.
    Buyer shall not assist, or cooperate with, any other person or entity in committing any act which, if committed by Buyer, would constitute a violation of this section.
    Any violation of this section shall be deemed a material breach of this Agreement by Buyer which will make contract null and void as well heath guarantee, puppy replacement, etc

    Violation of this contract damages the goodwill and reputation of Breeder and the Cane Corso breed in general. Breach of any portion of this contract, in the opinion, of the breeder/Breeder will result in repossession of this Cane Corso without reimbursement. Such repossession may be made by the Breeder or his agent, at the cost of the Buyer and is done with the full permission of the Buyer regardless of the Cane Corso’s location at the time of repossession. Buyer agrees to be responsible for and compensate Breeder for any damages or liabilities incurred while repossessing this Cane Corso. Under no circumstances can dog be altered in anyway. Further any damages to Breeder or to the Cane Corso protected under this contract could result in both civil damages and criminal liability for the Buyer.
    Breeder and Buyer hereby agree that any disputes that may arise because of this agreement/sale/purchase shall be resolved by mandatory binding arbitration. Buyer and Breeder may mutually agree upon the selection of an arbitrator. If such an agreement is not possible, the dispute shall be resolved pursuant to the rules and procedures of the American Arbitration Association. The location of any such arbitration or legal proceedings shall be held; Magistrate Court located in Fulton County, Georgia. If any term or provision of this agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, void or unenforceable, the remaining terms and provisions shall continue in full force and effect and shall in no way be affected, impaired or invalidated. It is agreed that should any legal action result from breech of this contract, the party so breaking the agreement shall bear all legal costs, attorney's fees and expert’s fees incurred by the prevailing party.
    Further, regarding any breech or anticipated breach of this Sales Contract, Breeder/Breeder shall, in addition to any other rights granted hereunder, have the right to seek an injunction from the court of competent jurisdiction to enforce the provisions of any paragraph herein. It is further agreed that any puppies produced because of any breeding conducted in violation of this sales contract, whether such breeding is described as planned, intentional, or accidental, conducted by natural or artificial means, shall NOT be registered by AKC or any other dog or animal registry. If the legal residence of the Buyer is not the State of Georgia, this contract must be signed and notarized by the Buyer in the state of the Buyer’s legal residence unless the Buyer take delivery of the dog in Georgia and signs this contract in front of Breeder/Breeder or a designee. The laws of the State of Georgia venue in Fulton County will govern all legal questions or disputes regarding this contract. Buyer(s) expressly waive all objections to jurisdiction and venue. In case of breach of contract, the buyer is to compensate the Breeder for liquidated damages, expenses, legal fees, a $2,000 (two thousand hundred dollars) per section breached. Breeder’s maximum responsibility is limited to the purchase price of the dog. Any subsequent expenditure is the sole responsibility of the Buyer. The BREEDER neither makes nor implies any warranties or guarantees, express or implied, other than those written in the agreement including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and fitness. This document constitutes the entire agreement between the Breeder and Buyer with respect to this sale.


    1. BUYER understands and agrees that the BREEDER has the right to use any pictures or accomplishments of the puppy/dog for advertisement, etc.
    2. The BUYER understands and agrees that the dog must have HUMAN companionship daily.
    3. The BUYER agrees that he/she is not acting as, or in part of, an agent in the purchase of the puppy and will not sell this puppy to any agent, pet store, or business.
    4. The BUYER agrees not to sell, trade, lease out, co-own with third party, euthanize (except under emergency conditions to end suffering), or give away the dog without written permission from the BREEDER.
    5. BUYER agrees that this Cane Corso will not be involved in dog fighting, hog catching, or any animal baiting sports. BUYER also agrees to pay and understands that a Five-thousand-dollar ($5,000.00) fee or the maximum damages the state will allow will be due and payable immediately to BREEDER if this Cane Corso is identified as participating in dog fighting, any animal baiting sports. In addition, Buyer agrees to immediately surrender this Cane Corso to Breeder upon demand and at the sole cost of the BUYER.
    6. BUYER agrees they have read contract in its entirety and agrees to terms of contract.
    7. Buyer agrees all funds are non-refundable, Any fund reversal made by Buyer will result in legal actions under theft by deception if puppy is not returned within 24 hours which will resort in Felony charges “Under Georgia law, O.C.G.A. 16-8-3”
    Buyer will pay for any legal fees, transportation of Puppy, travel, lodging, Breeders hourly wage $20.00 hour (hourly is recorded for any time needed to resolve funding issues), Compensatory damages of $2000.00, Return of Puppy with full ownership rights back to Breeder, all Paperwork, registration, medical records returned with Puppy in good health.


    1. Buyer Understands Hard Copy Registration paperwork will not be given to Buyer until contract is fulfilled, Buyer will receive copy version. Buyer understands no paperwork can be altered in anyway without Breeder permission.
    2. Upon signing below, both Buyer and Breeder agree to all terms stated within this Contract.
    3. There is no alteration to this contract unless written, signed, and dated by all parties involved, Verbal agreements will not be honored due to miscommunication, understanding, and or memory. This contract is in conjunction with Hierarchy Sales Policy, Puppy Application and Deposit Form, all information given Buyer agree is truthful.

    By signing this contract both parties are acknowledging they have read, fully understand and agree to ALL terms of this contract, and Sales Policy. They also agree that all terms will be carried out as stated. Any other agreements are invalid unless stated in writing at the time of the signing of this agreement.

    Breeder: __Dionne P. Johnson_& Marcus Johnson_______
    Electric Signature: Dionne Perry-Johnson & Marcus Johnson
    Date: March 18, 2023

    Signing this Contract Buyer is agreeing they have read contract entirely and agrees to all clauses and stipulations of said Sales contract

    Buyer is required to send signed contract via email (email copies , Buyer will retain email copy from Breeder.