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    WINSTON, GA. 30187

    Handling Contract

    BOARDING LIVE IN DOG is a dog that is boarded here in our home and will have priority over Ring side pickup clients.

    Ringside dog is defined as a dog that is groomed, healthy, free of parasites, ring trained and ready to be shown at his best. Owner will be responsible for bringing them to the ring at the appropriate time with appropriate show lead and collar. Please notify handler upon arrival at the show.

    If the above dog requires special services, such as crating, pre-ring grooming, nail trim, training, etc. owner will incur extra charges. Please inform the handler of what services your dog may need before arriving at the show.

    A rabies vaccination certificate is required by law to accompany your dog during any public event. Please attach a copy to this contract.

    Duties of Handler:
    The handler agrees to present your dog(s) in a professional manner. The handler agrees to abide by the rules of the AKC and show hosting clubs. If a conflict should arise your dog will be placed with the handler’s assistant or another experienced handler and normal fees will apply. We would hope that you will trust us on making the right decision to make your dog look and show its best.

    Liabilities Excluded:
    The above dog is boarded, trained or otherwise cared for by the handler without liability for the following: Loss or damage from disease, bloat, death, theft (while being housed or transported), injury to a person, injury to or from other dogs, destruction of property, or other unpredictable causes.

    The owner or responsible party agrees to pay the handler as set forth in the enclosed schedule of fees.


    Please understand we cannot accept any clients that have outstanding debts to other handlers. If you have used another handler please state whom:


    MILEAGE: Mileage of $0.20 per mile traveled per dog. This charge is to cover maintenance/insurance on the vehicles being used to transport your show dog.

    TRAVEL EXPENSES: This includes but is not limited to overnight parking fees, tolls, reserved grooming, gasoline, food, etc. The travel expense total will be prorated between all the dogs traveling with us for the show weekend. Owner will be responsible for all expenses when handler flies into a show or for a show/specialty where only their dog is shown.

    ENTRIES: Any processing fees to make the entries (fax, fed x, online etc.) will be prorated by the number of dogs and will be added to the entry fee charge. In addition to processing fees there is a $4.00 charge per entry made by the handler.

    GROOMING: Grooming varies by breed and each individual dog. Services include bathing, trimming, hand stripping nails, teeth cleaning, anal glands and ear cleaning. Please contact us about a grooming quote for your specific dog. Grooming is usually charged weekly for dogs being shown on a regular basis.

    HANDLING FEES: These prices are per show day and do not include travel expenses, mileage, boarding and grooming. Handling fees do include normal day of show preparation for the dog. There will be additional charges for dogs requiring more than “touch up” grooming at the show.
    DEPOSIT: Short term $500.00, Long term $1000.00

    Handling Fees:

    | All-Breed Show $85.00

    | Ringside Handling Fee $90.00

    | Sweepstakes $50.00

    | Specialty Show $150.00

    | National Sweepstakes $75.00

    | National Specialty Show $500.00

    | Invitational/Prestigious Show $250.00

    | Westminster Show $750.00


    | All Breed Best of Breed $250.00
    | Group 1 $100.00
    | Group 2 $90.00
    | Group 3 $80.00
    | Group 4 $70.00
    | Best In Show $500.00

    | Best In Specialty Show $150.00

    | Specialty AOM, BOS, BOW or Select $100.00

    | Specialty Winners Dog or Bitch $50.00

    | National/ Westminster/ Invitational BOB $150.00

    | National/Westminster/ Invitational BOS, AOM $250.00
    or Select $100.00

    There is a 20% discount on handling fees only if more than one dog is being shown for the same owner at the same show.


    This rate includes daily care & conditioning. Type and amount of conditioning will be determined by handler.

    50 lbs and under $15.00
    51lbs and up $20.00


    (Prevention is given around the first of each month)

    Dogs up to 20lbs $15.00
    Dogs 20-60lbs $16.00
    Dogs 60-120lbs $19.00


    Nails $10.00 & up
    Training (per 15 minute session) $15.00
    Transport to or from Atlanta Inter. $100.00
    Airport Breeding Services $75.00
    Vet Transport/Health Certificate $35.00
    Transportation Request a quote

    All statements must be kept current. Prices are subject to change without notice.


    Day of show grooming is included in handling fee. This includes light table baths, blow-dry’s and touch–up trims only.
    Dogs brought to the show by Clients, who have not had a full grooming by the Handler, may be subject to a trim fee to be assessed by the Handler according to amount of trimming required.

    Terms & Conditions:

    1. Client agrees to pay all entry fees. They assume responsibility for making entries unless prior arrangements have been made with our Entry Service. We use K-9 Entry Service. 1-800-234-3043
    2. Client agrees to notify handlers as to which shows will be entered. It is further understood that failure of Client to enter dog (client forgets, entries get lost in the mail, etc.) after verbally contracting the Handlers to show a dog for a specific show or shows will result in assessment of full handling fees for said show(s). Fees will also be assessed in full if client pulls a dog after close of entries or within 24 hours of the closing date for a given show. Extreme emergencies will be considered on an individual basis.
    3. It is understood that the owner of the dog will assume all costs incurred by the handlers for any medical treatment by a veterinarian required for the dog while under supervision of the handlers. It is further agreed that the handlers shall determine the need for any veterinary care for the animal while under their supervision.
    4. It is the client's responsibility to advise the handlers of any habits the dog may have that could possibly present a problem in giving safe and adequate care in the handler’s facility or at the dog show. It is also the client's responsibility to furnish instructions and medication if the dog is on medication of any kind. All clients are required to keep their dog’s shots current per their vet’s recommendation.
    ** Dogs must be on flea and heartworm preventative. If the Client does not provide handlers with flea and heartworm medication, the Handler will provide Sentinel on the 1st of every month at a rate of $20.00/month. **

    5. In the case of a ring conflict, priority will be at the discretion of the Handlers. Owners that have supported the handlers consistently and over the longest period of time will have priority. If necessary, a competent substitute Handler, approved by Mariah Bryant, will be secured to show your dog and the normal handling fee will be charged. In the event that no competent handler is available, the dog will be marked absent and no handling fee will be charged.
    6. Payment is due and payable upon receipt of each invoice. A 10% late fee will be assessed on accounts 30 days past due. Any and all disputes regarding payment, which cannot be agreed upon satisfactorily between the Client and Handlers, will be settled in a courthouse of Mariah Bryant choice. It is further agreed that client shall pay any and all reasonable legal fees and court costs should this action become necessary to collect any indebtedness.
    7. A deposit is required per dog and will be refunded with the final statement. It is understood that dogs will be returned only upon full payment of bill.

    Mariah Bryant Handling Services
    Owner Consent Form

    I, the undersigned, acknowledge receipt of a complete rate sheet consisting of 3 pages from Mariah Bryant, explaining all applicable charges, terms and conditions and agree to all terms outlined therein.

    Please use the space below to provide us with any additional information regarding your dog(s).

    Q & A


    Dogs in competition at conformation shows are competing for points toward their AKC championships. It takes fifteen points, including two majors (wins of three, four or five points) awarded by at least three different judges, to become an American Kennel Club "Champion of Record."
    The number of championship points awarded at a show depends on the number of males ("dogs") and females ("bitches") of the breed actually in competition. The larger the entry, the greater the number of points a male or a female can win. The maximum number of points awarded to a dog at any show is 5 points.


    A dog must be (1) a Champion of Record or (2) have been transferred to BOB competition based upon the owners’ records of their having completed the requirements for a CH title to be eligible for Grand Championship (GCH) competition.
    The American Kennel Club requires a dog to obtain a total of 25 points with three major wins (a major win is worth three points or higher) to become a Grand Champion. The majors must be won under three different judges and at least one other judge must award some of the remaining points – so you need to win under at least four different judges. Also at least one Champion of Record must be defeated at three of these shows


    Exercise and proper nutrition are critical for success. Every dog is exercised daily and fed accordingly to size and need. Dogs are brushed daily and appropriate products are added to the coat for health and moisture. If banding or wrapping is required, it is done daily or as needed. Ears, teeth, and nails, are done weekly or as needed. Dogs are bathed according to breed specifications.


    We exclusively use ProPlan products. If a dog is on a special diet, it is provided to us by the owner with detailed instructions.


    We are located on 20 fenced acres in Winston, Georgia, west of Atlanta. They reside in individual dog runs with multiple outdoors fenced areas for exercise. All dogs are rotated to ensure that each gets house time.


    If veterinary care is deemed to be appropriate, at the sole discretion of Mariah Bryant, such care shall be sought immediately and all charges will be the responsibility of the owner. Further, it is agreed that Mariah Bryant is expressly granted permission to consent to any procedures, whether medical or surgical, that are deemed necessary for the health and well being of the dog.


    Owners need to provide records of current vaccinations for each dog. This should include any and all conditions and requirements of the dog. A deposit of $500. And a signed Service Agreement, a signed Rate Form and completed Intake Form that can be downloaded from the website.


    All prophylactic treatments such as heartworm preventative and flea and tick preventative shall be furnished by the owner. If prophylactic treatments are not furnished by the owner, then permission is granted for Mariah Bryant to procure same and owner agrees to reimburse Mariah Bryant when presented with an invoice.


    Expenses are prorated amongst the total number of dogs traveling with Mariah Bryant.


    Class dogs will be shown for winners by Mariah Bryant according to the client’s priority with the handler. Specials, and dogs that are contracted to travel with him, will take preference over class dogs and ring side pick-ups. If a combination of class dogs and/or specials is required to be in the ring at the same time, it is agreed that Mariah Bryant will handle the dog with the highest priority and other qualified individuals as necessary will handle the remaining dogs.

    Mariah Bryant LLC Dog Intake Sheet

    We always have standard medications on hand in case of emergencies. (benedryl, gas-x, pepto, etc)
    *All special foods, supplements/ vitamins and medications are to be provided and paid for by Client unless other arrangements have been made. ALLERGIES: