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    Hierarchy Cane Corso

    Not Every Corso is Created Equal Deposit Contract

    Upon Receipt and Approval of your Puppy Application please submit this deposit form via email. You will receive a signed copy back with a receipt for your deposit.

    Purchaser's Information:

    Selection (Required):

    Hierarchy will not place puppies based on Color… Color Does Not Create or Improve Temperament, Drive, Structure or Energy level. Puppy Deposit form/Contract is solely between Breeder and Buyer on puppy application/ sales contract/deposit form. Each litter Hierarchy produces is planned and produced for one-purpose bringing forth the next generation of Hierarchy excellence. We do not produce litters for the Sole purpose of sales, however we cannot keep them all, so we make limited puppies available to the public upon Puppy Application Approval. The People we choose to add to our Hierarchy family have to meet a strict criteria and ownership requirement, proving their family is the best possible home. At Hierarchy we start with the best to produce the best puppy that comes from correct functional
    structure, intelligent, healthy stock.

    Puppy deposit are non refundable; Deposits are Transferable

    **All Family Companion has to be altered between 20- 24 months/ Proof of alteration is required | No exception**

    "Family Companion Homes Do Not Receive First or Second Pick..."

    Litter Preference (Next Available unless Specified by Dam & Sire Name Here):


    Reserved Price: $ (Paid in Full by 7-week Birthday) Deposit: $500.00 Date: (Price located on Page 3)

    Please Note: |Zelle(404-216-5777) Marcus Johnson & Dionne Johnson) | Apple Pay(404-216-5777) | PayPal 4% fee
    ( | SquareCash ($hierarchykennel) 3% processing fee, GoodDog
    Checks/Cashier Checks/Money Orders are not accepted for final payment.

    “Hierarchy is not responsible for money transfer fees, any and all fees not paid will be added to final price of puppy”

    Hierarchy Cane Corso is placing the above individual on the Deposit list for a future Cane Corso puppy of the above-mentioned sex/criteria. Both BUYER and SELLER acknowledges that no representations, verbal or implied, have been made with regard to said Cane Corso future abilities.

    Payments / Placement Fees

    Puppies come with:
    Show/Breeding/Working Puppies come with Tails docked, Up-to-date on Vaccinations, Goody bag with toys, 26-month health guarantee, puppy personality (Volhard) evaluation and client matching, Comprehensive puppy training and feeding instruction packet, Experienced Breeder support for life. (Maintain Correct Breed type, as well to avoid injury all show/working prospects are required to have ears cropped unless client lives in country that it is forbidden.)


    • Buyer agrees to pay a $500.00 deposit (additional transfer fees will be included) to reserve puppy from listed litter, Buyer agrees and understands deposit is Nonrefundable and represents a serious commitment on the part of the BUYER in purchasing said puppy, as this puppy will no longer be available for other prospective buyers.

    • Deposits made on puppies “AFTER” 6 weeks’ old are $1000.00 non-refundable. Remainder of payments are “due by the time puppies turns 8 weeks of age” or within 5 business days of deposit being put down, whichever comes first. No exception any puppy with balance will be placed back up for sale.

    • Buyer agrees and understands Breeder has a right to switch breeding pairs at any time to ensure temperament, health, quality, superior outcome, and or semen quality, repeat breeding or comparable breeding.

    • Buyer agrees deposit can only be switched “ONCE within a one-year window from original deposit”, Transfers is only made on availability. Buyer understands their deposit will not supersede another deposit already reserved

    • Buyer agrees and understands litters vary in price set by Breeder, if deposit is transferred to another litter Buyer agrees to pay for the price of that litter they requested to be transferred to. Buyer cannot transfer deposit on another litter if original litter meets initial requirements (gender, temperament, show/working prospect), any cancelled deposits due to any other reason will be forfeited without transfer.

    • Buyer agrees if they choose Show/Working prospect against Breeders recommendation, Buyer forfeits DQ show clause, and excepts ALL of puppy future structure, function, temperament, and abilities, and will not hold Breeder liable in any way.

    • Buyers agrees that Breeder makes final decision on puppy placement off Volhard temperament testing based on Owner’s Needs, this helps ensure each puppy is placed in their proper home based on lifestyle, family’s activity level, experience, & needs.

    • If Hierarchy Cane Corso cannot reach the purchaser by the above stated contact methods within the third try, the purchaser will be removed from the list and the deposit kept by the kennel. We highly recommend that purchaser notifies Hierarchy Cane Corso with any change in contact information and remains in contact with us on a regular basis. If Buyer does not return phone calls, text, DM, PM, or other various contact from Breeder, Breeder has the right to cancel deposit due to Buyer lack/refusal to respond to Breeder request or communication.

    • After receipt of deposit, should Buyer change his/her mind for whatever reason, there will be No refund this is Firm.

    • After signing this agreement, the Breeder has doubts for any reason against the Buyer, the Breeder reserves the right to cancel this agreement at which time deposit will be refunded. Breeder will always go on their Gut feeling.

    • Transportation is Sole responsibility of Buyer, Hierarchy can only transport to Airport between the hours of 9 a.m. – 10 p.m., days and times will need to be worked out ahead of departure due to full time job I cannot take off work for transport. Please keep in mind ahead of scheduling…

    • Buyers agrees and acknowledges any puppy left on Hierarchy grounds after 9-week birthdate, Buyer will pay Boarding in the amount of $20.00 a day ($140.00 a week), any vet visit (vaccines, prevention, medication, ear posting cost, etc.) will be Sole responsibility of Owner. Puppy will not be released until boarding and any medical bill is paid in full. If accommodation have not been worked out by 9-week birthday Puppy will be considered abandoned by owner and puppy ownership will be relinquished back to Hierarchy as Sole owner with no reimbursement.

    Buyer agrees all information provided is truthful, without misrepresentation, any false information given will null and void all contracts, all fund is then forfeited. Buyer Understands Puppy sales are only between Buyer and Breeder, there is no third parties involved with sale, or ownership of said puppy. This is a binding agreement between Buyer and Seller, Buyer understands by signing this contract that the deposit is non-refundable. This Agreement may not be amended, expect by the mutual written, signed and dated agreement of the parties.

    Signing this Contract Buyer is agreeing they have read contract entirely and agrees to all clauses and stipulations of said Deposit contract

    HIERARCHY E-SIGNATURE: Dionne P. Johnson & Marcus Johnson

    | Prices are set on Quality Not Quantity; Hierarchy is a Stand above the rest |

    Breeders Pick $4,500 (1st Pick) Show/Breeding Prospects (With or Without Ear Cropping)

    (With or without Ear cropping)

    (With or Without Ear cropping)

    Preserving Hierarchy Reputation & Breeding Program: All Show/Working prospects are sold on Co-Ownership contract, Buyers are contractually obligated to title, and health test their dog. Serious homes are only considered for these prospects, Breeder stands behind each puppy produced and sold with a written contract that covers genetic health defects, and DQ show faults. We have worked long and hard for our program to produce quality, healthy, structured dogs if you want to benefit from those years of experience, you must be willing to be mentored and earn the right to breed through titling and health testing the puppy.

    With or Without Ear Cropping)
    The Clients has the right to choose whether to crop or not with Companion pups. Hierarchy Family Companion Are Structurally healthy stable built CC, without unidentifiable falter of Breed Type… We Hold no excuses

    Guardian Addendum$2,800 sold under Family Companion Contract/Co-ownership. Must be Approved by Breeder, Understand Guardian homes Puppies would have to be available to Breeder and/or Handler to Show/Breed.

    Amount: $500