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Boarding and Training

Cane Corso Boarding

In order for us to maintain a safe, clean pet farm for your pet, all pets and owners must adhere to the following policies:

All pets must be leashed or in a carrier.

All pet’s vaccination records should be faxed or brought to our office prior to check-in. If your dog’s vaccinations have expired or it has never been vaccinated, we require the Bordetella vaccine be given at least seven days before check-in.

We have that policy, because a freshly vaccinated dog can actually shed the virus to others. It is for that reason we will not allow a dog having received the Bordetella vaccine within seven days of check-in to stay with us. So, if your dog’s vaccinations expire close to check-in, please have them renewed early. After hours check-in/check-out is by appointment only. These appointments will need to be made during regular office hours. There will be a fee for this service.

Since smaller dogs are intimidated by larger dogs with booming voices, we require those more “talkative”, larger dogs to board with us in our 8 x 6 Gold runs. This will make the smaller, more nervous dogs’ stay with us more relaxing. Who the large dogs with big voices are will be determined by us based on their behavior while staying with us. If the pet will be checked in or out by someone other than the owner, we need to be notified in advance by the owner. Otherwise, anyone could come by saying they’re acting on your behalf and take your pet away. Upon check-in, pets will be given a brief health and condition evaluation.

If fleas and/or ticks are found, the pet/s will be treated for them and will be given a bath, all at the owner’s expense. Although soft, clean bedding will be provided, feel free to bring your pet’s bed from home; however, please refrain from bringing bedding too large to fit in a household washing machine. If the bed is too large, or if fleas are found on your pet during the check-in evaluation, guaranteeing there will be fleas or flea eggs on the bedding, the bed cannot be accepted. You are welcome to bring other items from home, such as toys, to make your pet’s stay more comfortable. We will take care of these items to the best of our ability, but we cannot accept any responsibility for them being lost or destroyed during your pet’s stay with us. Please bring no more than two toys per pet.

Females in heat will not be accepted as boarders, and any that go into heat while in our care will be moved out of the kennel area to avoid any problems with other boarders. This may involve being kept in a crate until they are picked up. A female in heat can cause anxiety problems in males, possibly causing stress for everyone. No pet, showing any aggression whatsoever will be allowed to stay with us. They will be well handled during check-in to gauge their attitude. If your pet has a history of aggression with strangers, please save us both the trouble. If while in our care they become aggressive, we will ask you to come pick up your pet and we will refuse to board it again. However, if we are unable to reach you, we reserve the right to charge handling fees for the additional staff and/or additional time that it will take to properly care for your pet until you return. We know how you feel about your pet, we operate a fun environment for all our guests, and due to the fact that they are handled so often and pass by other runs with guests in them at least six times a day, we can’t allow a pet to act aggressive toward other pets as they pass by or while in adjacent play areas outside.

If Day Boarders are not picked up by our normal closing time, they automatically become overnight boarders. They will stay in a 4 x 6 run, charged at the Silver package rate. If a standard run isn’t available, they will be kept in a 6 x 8 run, charged at the Gold package rate. If we have a full house and there are no runs available, well, I guess they’ll sleep in the bed with us (on Tina’s side). Please print out Pet Information Form and Owner Information pages, fill them out, then either fax them to us prior to your pet’s check-in date, or bring the completed forms with you as you bring your pet.

Please print out Pet Information Form and Owner Information pages, fill them out, then either fax them to us prior to your pet’s check-in date, or bring the completed forms with you as you bring your pet.


Puppy Basic Obedience


5 Weeks duration

Level 1 Obedience


6 Weeks duration

Level 2 Obedience


6 Weeks duration

Level 3 Advanced Obedience


8 Weeks duration



6 Weeks duration


$2000 per day

Weight / Cart Pulling

$2000 per dog

Lure Racing

$2000 per dog





$8000 Session

Bite work with Decoy







$50000 Session

Bite work with Decoy

If your pet requires special formula food dog food, we ask for you to supply food from home for your pet.

While your pet stays with us we offen your pet two meal options: Taste of the Wild, or Raw food (raw food will be additional $2.00 per day).


10% Discount Towards Training and Boarding Services

Hierarchy Family Members

Military & Service Members