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10 Facts About the Formidable (and Lovable) Cane Corso


This ancient breed is known for its protectiveness and imposing appearance. But the Cane Corso has other traits that may surprise those unfamiliar with the breed. Taken altogether, they can make for a perfect companion for the right owner.

1. The breed’s name comes from the Latin for “bodyguard dog” or “robust dog.”

And if you have more than one, you have Cani Corsi.

2. This is a large, very large dog.

The Cane Corso stands about 28” at the shoulder and can weigh more than 110 pounds.

3. Size isn’t the only thing that makes a Cane Corso formidable.

They have a large head with an imposing expression and a strongly muscled body. The breed is dominant and fiercely protective.

4. This is an ancient breed.

Dating back to ancient Greece, Cane Corsi were warrior dogs. When the Romans conquered the Greek Islands, the legionnaires brought the dogs back to Italy and bred them with Italian dogs. Over the centuries, the breed became well-rounded farm dogs, guarding property, droving, and hunting game.

5. The Cane Corso is very loyal and affectionate…with their own people.

This is not a dog that becomes the best friend of everyone they meet. In fact, they’re indifferent to other dogs and people not in their family. But they are intensely loyal and protective of their own family.

6. Not only is he loyal, he’s extremely sensitive to his people.

A Cane Corso will be very attuned to your moods and feelings and may even think they are the cause of your happiness, grief, anger, or pride. Cane Corsi owners describe the relationship as one of subtlety and depth.

7. A Cane Corso is at his best with a job to do.

The Cane Corso thrives on stimulation, both mental and physical, and will shine if given a job, whether working on the farm, or “helping” with the children. In fact, the breed excels at dog sports like trackingagility, and scent work.

8. Training is paramount.

And by training, we mean that you must train the dog, not send them away to obedience school. You may want the help of a trainer experienced with the breed, but your Cane Corso must learn to work with and obey you.

9. The Cane Corso ‘talks.”

Or at least he vocalizes. You can expect snorts, snuffles, howls, and a “roo-roo” sound somewhere between barking and singing, that Cane Corsi owners know very well.

10. A Cane Corso will expect to share your home and your life.

Bred to work alongside the family, your dog will want to spend every minute of their waking hours with you. They thrive on companionship and want to be wherever you are — and as close to you as possible.

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