Cane corso Training

Classes Rates Duration
Puppy Basic Obedience 200.00 5 weeks
Level 1 Obedience 360.00 6 weeks
Level 2 Obedience      400.00 6 weeks
Level 3 Advanced Obedience 800.00 8 weeks
Agility  200.00 6 weeks
Conformation 20.00 per day
Weight / Cart Pulling  20.00 per dog
Lure Racing     20.00 per dog
Contact us regarding additional options
Protection (Bite work with Decoy)     80.00 session
Day $18.00  
Week $120.00  
Months $500.00  

If your pet requires special formula food dog food, we ask for you to supply food from home for your pet. 
While your pet stays with us we offer your pet two meal options: Taste of the Wild, or Raw food (raw food will be additional $2.00 per day). 

Boarding & Training Discount

10% Discount Towards Training and Boarding Services

Hierarchy Family members
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