We appreciate you taking the time to take the first step in the application process of owning a Cane Corso produced by Corso Hierarchy. Please understand that the information given will be confidential and used only to assess your suitability as a future owner of a Hierarchy Kennel Cane Corso, and also allow us to find the dog that will suit you best based on your information you have given us. In saying this, we ask you to be honest to the best of your ability.

Are you willing to discuss your preference with Hierarchy Cane Corso in the case that we have a puppy that is more suited to you, however is different to your preferred gender?

Home Dynamics

Are you aware that as breeders of your future puppy we would require to be second contact on your dogs registration and that we have first option to take wnership of puppy/dog back if you are incapable of providing adequate conditions and safety for the dogs wellbeing?

Name and contact information required.

We do the best we can to find a suitable dog for you based on the information you have provided. While we may not have what you are looking for at the present, we do wish to keep communication open between potential owners and ourselves for future relations.